Karen McKinnon is a wedding & portrait photographer based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She has a plethora of photography and community awards under her belt, and years of experience in photojournalism, wedding, portraiture and commercial photography. However, her true definition of success continues to be the connection formed with her clients & opportunity to delve into beauty; both in people, and in nature. She is available for travel, throughout Vancouver Island, and occasionally further.

Visit her site dedicated to photography of women atwomenbymckinnonhoriz

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22Aug '16

Goddess Session - Paula

This woman is so much. She is a leader, a connector,  a honesty injector, a cut through the BS kind-of gal, a giver of sympathetic head tilts,  a teacher, a question asker, a calming presence, a laugh inducer, the keeper of the best banana bread recipe ever, a solution giver and a  I don't...

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14Aug '16

Gowlland Harbour wedding - Justin and Jamie

Gone are the days of a wedding following a formula. They are about creating a memory, a marker in time, with your chosen, in a way that reflects who you are, surrounded by the people that matter. I feel so fortunate that my clients embrace this attitude. I relish that I am photographing them being...

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14Aug '16

A day with the Gorman Family

I spent a glorious afternoon on Denman Island with parents Julie and Brian, and their treasures, Kialan, Finley and Skyla, capturing the little moments that make up their beautiful life. There were cuddles to be captured, joyful minutes of sibling love that could quickly turn to annoyance and...

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