Karen McKinnon is a wedding & portrait photographer based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She has a plethora of photography and community awards under her belt, and years of experience in photojournalism, wedding, portraiture and commercial photography. However, her true definition of success continues to be the connection formed with her clients & opportunity to delve into beauty; both in people, and in nature. She is available for travel, throughout Vancouver Island, and occasionally further.

Visit her site dedicated to photography of women atwomenbymckinnonhoriz

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28Jul '16

I just had a total meltdown, but this helped

I just had a melt-down. I am working on a school assignment, the first one I am not enjoying. I read the words, and then I read them again. I moved from my school desk to the patio.  I tried again.  Still there is a piece I can't make sense of.  I can't walk away and come back to it tomorrow,...

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27Jul '16

Zach & Dex - Filberg Park wedding

It took 3 years of passing each other in the university halls to properly say hello. I suppose they just had to wait until they were ready. Because within two weeks of that first greeting they were on an inseparable journey, leading to this day, five years later. I first met Zach when he...

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18Jul '16

Comox Valley beach beauty photos - Tina

Earlier this year I co-facilitated a program at Studio Inner Pursuit Fitness, with owner Leanne Z.  The program, called Body Shift, focussed on shifting self-perception and mind-set towards  exercising from a place of self-respect, rather then from a place of " not being enough." The Body Shift...

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