17Mar '10

Zeke and Angela Getting Married


Engagement sessions are awesome! Like, really deliciously awesome! They have this laid back vibe, quite a bit of sillyness and lots of beauty.
I highly encourage my wedding clients to have one done, so much so that they are complimentary in all our Wedding Collections. Why?
 They are a great time for my clients and I to become better acquainted, I learn so much about how they met, what makes them laugh and how they interact. They learn what a shoot feels like, and realize that I manage to create images even when I am being my klutzy self.
It is a connection sessions.
It is also really nice to have photographs of you and your sweetie not in your wedding ware. This is something that will grow in value. John and I had photos done and we love looking at them, they are really meaningful.

My session with Zeke and Angela was just right – on all accounts. I was pretty sure they were a couple who was recently in love, but boy was I wrong. These two have been together for years and  they still get the giggles (yes Zeke, you giggle as well,) like a couple newly in love. They have a wonderful rhythm together, and seem to really respect who the other person truly is.

After our session together, I feel like I can call these two friends and am so excited for their wedding.

(disclaimer: we are having some quality issues with uploading to the blog – which we are working on sorting out – but I couldn’t let Angela and Zeke wait any longer)


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