1Jun '11

Yes, another beautiful family

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If you follow the blog you know I have been gushing about the beautiful families I have been photographing recently. Wai-Ling, Rupert and their children fit right in. I adore this family and their approach to their session. The intention has always been to photograph them on their property and when it turned out that they would be starting the building process, (their home is now a big hole in the ground, literally,) they decided to still charge ahead with the session. 

I am so glad they did, after we photographed on their beach I captured some casual images of the family in front of what is and will be for the while their temporary home. 
While they build they are living in their little one bedroom beach house. All together. I found myself a little envious of the summer they have ahead, what a fabulous bond building experience, I am sure it is a summer the children will always fondly remember. 
Thank you for  having me, your family is an inspiring one, that really knows what matters!