24Jun '15

Courtenay Photographer – wow session!

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This is a hard post to write. Because Wow. I mean really. Leah. This woman is ..sigh.. wow. Oh yah, I said that. Leah and I first crossed paths many years ago, she was kicking butt back then as well, chasing and reaching goals, but now, she has taken it up to a entire different level over at her business Tremain Media, where there is no roof on her goals or what she can attain. 

Getting to spend some time creating photos for her, for business and  personal use, was a true inspiration. I am drawn to those that can celebrate their successes (I am mean really, why are we all so shy to cheer ourselves on, ) while being brave and honest in sharing the struggles. Leah is just that type of woman , and she will do it all with a sense of humour. 

She has worked hard, as a business woman, a mom and also an athlete, and it is just these type of encounters that are the icing on the cake of what I get to do for a living. 

Thanks Leah, and the only frustration is, that we just don’t have time to sit around and lunch together.