15Apr '11

Worth waiting for? Michelle and Greg Maternity

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I know a few of you have been waiting to see Michelle and Greg’s maternity session and speaking of waiting…
Ever since I photographed their wedding years ago I have been waiting for the call to photograph this maternity session. Greg and Michelle have so much to give, and it is easy to picture them with a little person, but they took their time and kept us waiting.
Michelle is seriously one of the cutest pregnant woman ever -really – look at this belly and try not to smile. She is also one of those over the top exceptional teachers, even throughout our session she talked about her students, missing them, and sharing her baby excitement with them. I am wowed by her dedication in general – to her career, her fitness, her friends and of course her hubby.  Greg is the quiet rock behind her flurry. He is patient, thoughtful and much like the dynamic between me and John, keeps her grounded.
These two are going to be dynamo parents… they have some good jeans to pass on.

A very special thank you to Michelle and Greg for being such supporters over the years of what I do. It means so much.

Now onto that cuteness….