22Dec '09

Mom and daughter Photoshop time


We are winding it down here, tying up loose ends and delivering the last of the holiday prints – which is incredibly satisfying.
I love thinking about the new art people will have on their walls for the holiday season.
We have been working on painting our house, so the photos have been down and the new ones I printed for our family are SO ready to not be stored in the office and to be proudly hung in our living areas.
In anticipation of some art re-arranging Selah, the seven year old, and I made some digital art. The other night I told her we could do anything she wanted and her request was to edit and photoshop images. Yes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I figured if she was that interested it was time to empower her to make her own computer art and really start teaching her some photoshop skills.

We decided to make three pieces of art that were about our home. This is what we came up with it.

The number one word:

love copy.jpg

In our home we value


and each day we remember to


I love these works of art, they are going to look fantastic in our entry way. Even better though, is the crazy fun and loving time we had making them. I am one lucky mama.

I am going to do a top photos of the year (because my pal over at Lotus Paperie pressured me into it,) post and have a few more sessions to share and news about a new type of session, and our family session to share, so check back.