18Feb '10

Will you have me for a day?

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Tomorrow is the annual Y.A.N.A. auction, a night I look forward to for so many reasons, in no particular order:

– the obvious, it is an amazing charity, that has made a difference in so many of my client’s lives
– the evening leaves you with a big warm fuzzy, lots of love, lots of pride for our kick a** awesome town
– I am wowed by the crew that puts this event together, Lucy, Loretta, Anita, and the rest of the crew, you sure know how to throw a classy yet welcoming event
– I am going to have one big glass of wine
– I am going to wear a dress, which is pretty rare, because somehow, when I work a dress just doesn’t usually fit the bill
– for the last three years I have presented a day in the life slideshow of a family who has used Y.A.N.A.’s services, doing this presentation always scares the crap out of me, and I thrive on things that challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone (other than bungee jumping, that is just plain ridiculous, and something I will never do.)
– this year, like last, I am donating a day plus more. You can own me for a day. It could be used to photograph family or children’s sessions for a group of your friends, I could create a day in the life book for you, it could be used for a Bella Party, or for your own custom photo instruction day – there are lots of options. The only requirement is that you have to let us take great care of you! 
I always get a bit nauseous when my item comes up in the live bid, that’s where the big glass of wine comes in – I made John promise to bid on me if no-one else does.

Last year for the family who won our donation we spent thanksgiving day with them, and photographed candids as well as more than a dozen family portraits. It was crazy fun and this is what they told the folks at Y.A.N.A. about the experience:

At last year’s YANA auction we bid and won an day with
Karen McKinnon.  We were thinking at the time that it would be a great way
to get some family portraits but it turned out to be a fantastic experience as
well.  We shared the bid between 3 families, and when we came together for
the photo shoot we had 22 people, three generations, and decades worth of
friendship–it was a party and Karen and Jen (her assistant) jumped right
in!  It was amazing and very impressive to watch Karen arrange and organize
such a large group of people, shooting hundreds of pictures each with its own
unique and creative flare.  Karen and Jen really made the day so much fun,
we all left thinking “we have to do this every year!”  We all waited
anxiously to get a sneak peak of our photos on her blog a few weeks later and
were thrilled with the results when we got to see the photos of our day. 
The experience and the end results really were priceless.  Thank you to
Karen for such a great experience and for your generous donation to YANA!

*fine print: the own me for day donation cannot be used for wedding services