1Mar '12

To be Olivia Newton John or Trent Freeman?

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When I grew up I want to be a musician. I think it started when I would stand on the mantle of our house in Montreal. I was 7 and my sisters, then 15 and 16, along with their friends, would cheer on my rendition of “Look at Me I’m Sandra-Dee,” from Grease. I think I heard it at the neighbours house, found it a catchy tune and had NO idea what the song actually was about. For those of you familiar, you realized how totally inappropriate this songs is for a five year old. But my teenage sisters and their friends found it totally hilarious, and would egg me on. 

I was in my glory. 
Then I hit elementary school and my dreams of being the next Olivia Newton John were shattered. My grade four teacher told me to mouth the words, as I couldn’t hold a tune and had a voice too deep for a nine year old girl. (Note: my self-esteem has recovered, and my voice is something I actually really like, as for a career following in Olivia’s steps, I realize now there are other options.)
However,music has always been one of my great vices and passions. I actually started my road as a professional photographer photographing music. Photographing musicians, and creative folk in general is always something I am keen for. I love the feeling of collaboration it brings and always feel like I am basking in a bit of greatness. The fact that someone has the ability to just sit down and write a song baffles me. I get to create, but I have the energy of what is in front of my camera to feed off of. 
So went Trent Freeman called me to create some photos for his new CD I was thrilled. If you haven’t heard of Trent before you will. Originally from Courtenay, and now based in Toronto, he is an extremely sought after session musician and is gaining a strong name for himself as an original artist. Despite all his accolades, of which there are many, my favorite thing about him other than his super cute warm smile, is that he oozes artistry and dedication.
 We have tried to work together before and our schedules never collided. This time it was perfect. Everything about it was just right. Great weather, great moods and a really good time. 

I am so looking forward to hearing his new album when it comes out this spring.