20Apr '11

Danielle + Justin = Engaged

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When I asked Danielle to tell me about her wedding, she didn’t miss a beat.  But she didn’t tell me about the guest list, the flowers, the dress – she told me about her wedding, and why it mattered – she told me about her fincee Justin and why he mattered and why she loved him. Honestly, I got goosebumps, and my eyes welled up a bit. Really they did. 

Her love for him moved me, and then, as an extra layer I got all mushy about how blessed I am to have the job that I do, and bask in the love of people like Justin and Danielle. 
There love story goes back to their high school years, and their connection is just natural – they are best friends and have been family for years. 
For their engagement session, despite the wind and cold,we persevered (ok, I was wearing a warm coat, so I don’t really get any of the glory,) and headed out to the winter like beach.
Thank you Danielle and Justin, for being so open, real and sharing. I am counting down until your wedding day. I will be sure to bring tissues, I have a feeling they will be needed.



This one’s for you Justin, Just so you remember that you make her laugh