23Dec '12

What a beautiful year! Before and After

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This year I have met my share of beautiful women. The building of my boudoir photography has been an incredibly fulfilling part of what I do.

For so many reasons I felt the timing was right. I have been photographing boudoir for years, and each time I capture a woman I would receive unsolicited emails that brought tears to my eyes.

I know many women are nervous to experience a boudoir session. In our meeting before I often heaer “I have never taken a good picture,” or “I am not photogenic.”

My response usually goes something like this,”Many of the photos of we have of ourselves are taken in bad light, at a bad angle. They happen when a friend tells us to look at them, we turn around… often unimpressed….. and SNAP – there is the photo. With our session we will be bringing out the best of you in make-up and photography. On top of that, you will be relaxed and having fun – just you wait!”

So as part of the educating people about boudoir I decided to do a series of before and after photos. You might remember I did a model call a month ago to offer three women complimentary sessions.  I have photographed two (one can’t be shared until after Christmas) and will shoot one more of these before and afters in the New Year. You can also look for another model call in the New Year – keep an eye on my facebook page. Due to the often private nature of these photos these sessions are also a great way for me to create images that I can share in my marketing.

One of the women chosen for the boudoir before and after was Monika. Monika is just a joy – really, she radiates love and enthusiasm for life. Recently married, and with a little baby, this session was a fabulous chance for her to celebrate herself and create some very special photos for her new husband.

Thank you Monika, I am so glad we met and that I had a chance to spend time with you!

You are stunning and I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

xoxo Karen


Make-up: Kayla-Rea at Roots the Salon

Hair: Dave at Roots the Salon

Photography: McKinnon Photography Boudoir