4Apr '12

Welcoming Sasha

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It is always a little flattering, but more so, nerve wracking, when you are asked to do photography for a photographer! However I was thrilled to have the privilage of photographing Sasha for my fellow photographer and friend Jesse Bone from Nanaimo. Jesse and I have had the chance to work on projects together and I have always been impressed by his professionalism, skill and the fact that he laughs at my jokes.

It was such a pleasure to welcome him, his stunning wife Jasmine and Sasha into my studio. As well as photographing I valued the opportunity I had to get to know Jasmine well and learn more about them as a couple and as parents. Sasha, who is their second child, is a very fortunate little gal. She has creative, smart parents, who are so commited to being the best they can be together and as parents.

Sasha is such a little beauty, and it was my sincere privelege to be part of her first foray into the world of professional photography, one, no doubt, that she will become quite accustom to.

Thank you Jasmine and Jesse for trusting me and asking me to create these for you. xoxox