27May '10

Welcome baby Sarah – Comox Valley Photographer


This just makes me smile. Meeting eight day old Sarah, and watching her parents love her brought me to tears. She is an absolutely gorgeous baby, and she is so loved and well cared for already. I often have the awareness, that the newborns I see in my studio, are so fortunate to be born into families that adore them, teach them, that will feed them, cloth them and open up a world of opportunity for them.
And the parents….. they feel like the blessed ones.
Sarah is going to lead an interesting life, that is something I think she can bank into. Her parents are intelligent, interested, creative, athletic people – yes, and they are incredibly nice and yes, they are the whole package. And as someone put in the comments of a previous post, they will “rock the parenting universe.”

Karen, Stefan, thank you for making me part of your parenting journey. You are both so fun and easy to connect with. Huge congratulations.


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