20May '11

Weber – kicking off beautiful family portrait week

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The Weber’s have kicked off a string of beautiful family portrait bookings I have had this week. I am really enjoying that people are taking the time and making the investment in photographing them with their little people. 

These photos will only grow in value, and I can promise you will always be happy you had them created. 
This session when smooth as smooth can be. Cole and Caleb are sure charmers and for their ages, were seriously easy to work with. They also happen to be adorable, and a glance and mom and dad will tell you that good looks run in this crew. 
I really struggled with which photo to blog, and ultimately picked this one, although there were serious debates around the office as to if we preferred it in black and white or color. 
Color won, for the blog, but as for hanging in the home, I think black and white would be stunning. 
Thanks Weber family, you are fabulous! 
 webster 46tw.jpg