2May '12

We all came together just for the love of it

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When I was a photography student I remember the energy that would whirl around us as we concocted photo sessions just because.. of course we had piles of assignments to produce, but still a Friday night usually meant it was time to goof off – with our cameras. There was a freedom about these sessions, where we weren’t photographing to produce, but instead to embrace the process. We would work together coming up with a vision and then let loose and allow the feeling, mood and light to guide us. Together we would laugh, push each other, wow each other and enjoy creating as  a team. We would fill ourselves up.

I do get the opportunity to collaborate with many amazing people in my work, usually we are working to fulfill someone’s need. I decided it was high time to pull these people together and enjoy the process of creating just because we love what we do. It was also a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our relationship with each other.

So I asked one of my wonderfully beautiful, inside and out clients,Rachel to be the canvas and called some of my favorite wedding vendors to come play along.

Photography: McKinnon Photography

Makeup: Crystal-Lee at Roots the Salon

Hair: James at Roots the Salon

Floral: Tamara at Purely Flowers

Dress: The Bride’s Closet

Props: The Vintage Nest

Location and Support: Just Right Events

Thank you to my assistants Amanda and Ava

Here is what we saw: