16May '17

Victoria Wedding Photographer- It actually was spring

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The weather is a hot topic of conversation these days-  well, hot is likely not the right word. It is the the worst season I can remember for the yo-yo of weather indecision. On my way to this session in Victoria I went through hail, rain that brought me to a 30 km highway driving speed and chilling wind. But by the time the evening came around, we were treated to this magnificent richness of spring light and color.

Engagements are one of my favorite type of sessions, as it really is a chance to  move through images in a very relaxed way and to invest in getting to know my clients.

I’m feeling exhausted this morning after a tumultuous night of sleep. When that happens I allow myself to ignore the hierarchy of the to-do list and dive in with whatever feels good.
These feel good.

Julie and I had an easy connection from our first phone chat about her upcoming wedding at the Victoria Beach House. When we met in person for this session, and threw Darrel into the mix, the connection just ballooned. These two are loving, driven, hilarious, authentic and beautiful. Honestly, I feel that they have so much to offer and I am just really grateful to know them, never the less document their wedding this summer.

Here are few of the highlights of our session –