11Jul '16

Victoria Engagement Portrait – Vancouver Island Photographer

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I was heading down Forbidden Plateau, after a great date night snowshoeing for my first time, when I stopped to chat with these two lovely women, one of who I casually knew. With her, was Amy, who mentioned she was recently engaged. Honestly, I never know, in this situation if I should whip out my business card and subtly ramble about how I would encourage a call to (cough.. cough.. ) McKinnon Photography. Anyhow, I don’t think I did. I likely mentioned that I have buckets of wedding information, and if she had any questions I would be happy to share what I knew about all the talented vendors in our little town.

Fortunate for me, Amy did call. What followed was a some fantastic phone chats then a great coffee with her and Graham where we talked wedding, life  and dreams.

When I arrived at their charming Victoria home to photograph them it was like connecting with new friends – which is how I like to see my clients. We had an incredible early evening engagement session, beginning at their home, and then at two of their favorites spots. This duo regularly make the time to pack picnics and enjoy them basking in the beauty of Beacon Hill Park, so that was a “must moment” then, along with the wind we  hopped down to Dallas Road, another area they feel connected to.

It was a really beautiful evening – foremost because of the company, and secondly due to the stunning backdrop.

Thank you Amy and Graham, I know it is a ways away but I am already so excited for your wedding next year at Dolphin’s Resort.