29Aug '18

Romantic joyfull Beach House wedding – Victoria Wedding photographer


It is a funny thing being a wedding photographer. Wonderfully in love people come into my life, and invite me into their world. I get to witness their nerves, their connection, their hopes and what is in their heart. I feel their excitement and some of their vulnerability. They let me meet their friends and let me tell their mother-in-law where to stand. I deeply value this trust after such a short time in knowing me.

Like I said, it is a funny thing.

This is what I do most summer weekends. Friends often comment to me that it must be a drag to not have Saturdays off, and not once, truly, have I felt that.  As I packed my camera bag for Trever and Stacey’s wedding, I carried thoughts of gratitude, excitement and curiosity – and also nerves – I am always nervous!

The minute I saw them both though, all I felt was joy. It was evident from the first moment that they were both present, and ready. The day itself, couldn’t have been smoother and more fun. Thanks to these two and their amazing wedding party.

As I was preparing to post these photos, I found myself reflecting on how being a wedding photographer has shaped my world view. While I don’t have a definitive view, today my honest answer is that it has just added more joy into my life.

You can look at these photos and clearly, this is a stunning couple, and like most wedding couples, they are done up beautifully.  While this adds to the feeling of celebration and the fulfilling sense of ritual, it is the what’s underneath that shines through and speaks to me.

It was that moment when Stacey quietly leaned her head on his shoulder and her smile couldn’t be contained, when I saw them at the back of their party bus sneaking non-stop looks at each other, it was with Stacey and Trever, and the comfort they have between the of them which made everyone around them feel good the peopled, it was the acceptance and gentle teasing they threw back and forth all day, which lit up the room.

These moments, they bring joy.

Life is complicated and it swirls quickly around us, but it really is love that helps us make sense of it all and Stacey and Trever, you are a beautiful reminder of that.

Thank you for sharing your kindness and sharing your connection with me and your (ridiculously fun and kind) friends and family.


One of my favorite locations: The Beach House Restaurant

Amazing hair by a fantastic bridesmaid, who also happens to be: Pomme Salon



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