7Aug '17

Julie and Darrel – stunning Mount Doug wedding

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Every now and then I hit one of those wedding days where I worry a little – where we don’t have too much time for photos, where the sun is hot and the light is harsh.  Generally I work with my clients beforehand to make sure the schedule is one that isn’t going to put us in a challenging spot, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice, it has to be what works for many elements of a wedding day – so you fret bit, and you pep talk yourself a lot.

I arrived on a smokin’ hot day to join Julie and Darrel, who were getting ready at Brentwood Bay and the minute I saw them all my worry was out the door. Walk up Mt. Douglas in the hot heat? Patiently wait while we work to find beautiful light?  No worries for these two superstars. I should have known better than to worry, my engagement session months earlier was just like my portrait time with them during their wedding – relaxed and full of laughter. Their adorably charismatic son,(and really all the family,) was in the plan as well, to just have a super fun celebration soaking up family and friend love and rejoicing in all this two have already become as a couple.

Julie and Darrel, you two are simply adorable together. But that’s not it, you are truly a team, watching you navigate parenting, orchestrating your day and celebrating  and loving each other was something else, your little boy Ben, is one lucky fella to have your union to hold him tight in life.

I am thankful I was able to be a witness and document this perfect day.

Huge thanks to my assistant Steve Julien for playing with me all day.

The ceremony and reception was held at the Beach House Restaurant and I can’t say enough about the memorable feel of the room and truly the staff.. wait.. and the food – I can’t recommend this location highly enough  – thank you Sarah, we adore you (as do Julie and Darrel)

Hair and Make-up was by Victoria’s go-to gal, Erin Bradley

Tunes by the lovely DJ by Todd Cameron

Stunning florals by Nightsong Farm

Tasty Cake was Laura at Schur to Please

Perfect dress was Shades of White

Rings from Harlings Jewellers

Ben’s suit handmade was made by Handmade by Heidi