11Aug '15

Vancouver Island Wedding, A private Island

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It really has been an incredible summer of photographing weddings with personal connections. Tamara was one of my students when I taught at photography college, and as I told her, she left an impression as a woman comfortable in her vulnerability, thus brave, and as an interesting, kind and loving person. Through facebook, I was able to watch snippets of the life she was building with this incredible man, Malcolm.
I was overjoyed when they asked me to be part of this celebration and milestone.
The day started with a boat ride, captained by non other then Jess, also one of my past students. Despite some soggy skies, when we arrived at Rendezvous Island it was a high energy festive environment with family working in the kitchen, kids playing, and the bride and groom flittering about.
The wedding truly was a great big hug. Corny wording? Yes, but it really is the best way to describe it. This cozy lodge, surrounded by beautiful BC waters and a couple, with their two kids, past-ready to declare their love for each other with family there to witness.
Tamara and Malcolm, you two put together a beautiful wedding, but more importantly I see you have already set the foundation for an incredible marriage. Your grace and respect, to each other and those around you, your solid values and love for your children really shines.

Thank you for allowing me to celebrate with you two. Big love!

Campbell River wedding

















Location: Rendezvous Island, BC
Dress:  White Bridal Boutique in Lantzville
Flowers: Dirtco Flowers on Quadra Island
Cake: made by brides dad and decorated by the groom’s little sister.