2May '17

Vancouver Island Dance – look back..oh those cheeks!

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Today it starts. Pantuso dance week. A ritual in our life for nine years. It’s one of the most beautiful weeks of the year. Pardon me, when I tell you, it has very little to do with dance and,bear with me, as I try to find voice to what it means to our family.  Words that come to mind when attempting to express what it means include: expression, release, musicality, accountability, fitness, laughter, perseverance, leadership, bravery, most of all, joy and community.

My office manager Christine (also a Pantuso family) and I thought it would be fun to pull up a few images from years gone by. That sent us tumbling down an emotional hill of sentiment and appreciation as we remembered the dance numbers, little moments, and appreciated witnessing these beautiful people growing up. It reminded me what an immense part of our community it is. It has been a stabilizing force during times of turmoil. It is where we connect with friends, from quick but meaningful touch-ins, to investing in longterm relationships. It is even where we sometimes pick up our eggs.

Here we go again. I already have my kleenex packed.