18Oct '09

Dream Thanksgiving Session


Usually when I work I am in a bubble that keeps me so much in the moment and focused on the relationships and beauty of the people I am photographing.
Last week, as I went though the gates to a gorgeous home to photograph three very special families, the Janzen’s, Beausoleil’s and Mangles’.  I was very cozy and content in my bubble.
These three families bit for my services at the YANA auction, and we put together a marathon portrait session. These families have been best friends for years, their children are best friends, they are like family to each other – and it was a beautiful thing to be around them on thanksgiving day. It made me want to call all my pals and tell them how much I love them.

My assistant Jen and I felt very thankful for these clients. Not only did they donate generously to YANA, a charity very close to my heart, but they were happy, themselves, laid back and somehow managed to keep the impending rain away.

I know a few of them from around town (okay, well if truth be told, from my love of shopping at Cherry Wine, and Uranus) and a few I have had the sincere pleasure of photographing before – meeting the rest of their crew was great fun.