1Jul '11

Twyla and Booker – TENder

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When friends book portrait session I get a bit nervous – excited, yes, but also nervous. So, when Booker and Twyla, who are new friends of mine booked their session I had a million ideas swirling through my head. We needed to capture their edgy side, their natural side, their love of each other, their commitment to their family and their love of rollerderby – yes, rollerderby! 
Twyla and Booker have been married 26 years and still are learning and adventuring together. From raising their two boys, to renovating, road tripping, and enjoying day to day life they are strongly connected. When Twyla (aka Ruby Whipper) fell for the sport, rather than become a derby widow, Booker (Book-‘er) took a lead roll in organizing reffing for the new North Island League. 
I admire them, for their commitment to shared experience and for making their relationship the heart of their family.