2Feb '11

tv star style – Me, Mackenzie & Kevin

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Last week I was interviewed by The Daily show about the Comox Valley Love Affair and wedding photography in general. It is on Channel 4 rotation right now.

I think I “ummmm-ed” a few times and failed to make eye-contact – but, hopefully you will forgive me.  It is so funny to watch yourself. I really do have a  voice that is made for phone-sex, well at least I always have that as a career back up plan.

There to be interviewed alongside me, and to help make me look better, were my fabulous clients Mackenzie and Kevin. I have had the chance to photograph them, their extended family and now their wedding.

I have been interviewed for The Daily before for some charity work, but it was a bit different talking about myself, it definitely made me more nervous – but super fun, it could be addicting. Seriously, I think I have a huge problem, an addiction to challenges.


Honest and Sincere Plug:
You might know these two from their business MacKenzie Gartside and Associates – the valley’s awesome-sauce mortgage brokers. Christine, myself and many of our friends use their services and I can’t say enough good things. They have proven more than once that they have my back, have great follow through, personal service and they don’t make me feel like a total dweeb when I ask the same question five times.