21Sep '16

When you turn to country music as punishment

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I get asked often how I balance the aspects of my life. Spoiler alert:  Occasionally I don’t – but, I keep perspective. Maintaining perspective is one of the most significant lessons as a business owner I have put into practice in the last two years.
Fact 1: I want to provide great service to my clients and be rock-star responsive to possible new ones.
Fact 2: I am not providing life-saving medicine. Nothing I have to do is an emergency.
This morning I woke up totally overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen often. It was so bad that I somehow found myself listening to country music as some type of personal punishment. The “shoulds” were spinning in my head at a vibrating level of intensity that I am literally accomplishing nothing, other then whining to you here. I will not be productive today.
disclaimer: I don’t hate all country music, there are 6 country music songs I like
My need to do list:
4 blog posts
10 photoshop jobs
5 phone calls
1 article submission
3 work related favours
2 personal favors, letters of reference
review of all client faq information
two speeches to review/write
pay bills
book dog into vet
buy grasses for my garden
pick up glass in my yard
approve an ad
don’t even get me going about my yard
pull slideshow from archives
order my daughter’s birthday present
enroll my step-daughter in martial arts
write a letter to someone very special
book a flight
fix messed up wi-fi
figure out why some new equipment isn’t working (this is exploding in my head)
panic about tomorrow’s shoot that I am nervous for
call my sisters
engage with the 44 emails in my in box (that is a lot for us, successful email management can be another blog post)
plan dinner
tidy kitchen
paperwork for my master’s program
register for a course on Statistical Analysis
order face cream
go to the bank
What is really going to happen:
turn off country music
daydream about Tofino
pick three things from above list, do them
walk away
go hide at a friends house for a visit
go photograph just for fun
So instead of the four blog posts, you get this. Some written reflection and a photo of a reflection. Isn’t it beautiful? I am off to find some more of this today.