4Aug '10

Trish + Ryan = Married

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Ryan and Trish, if you know them, that’s really all I have to write. Because they are kind of indescribable. I’ll give it a try. They are mellow but ambitious, funny but serious, graceful but bold, fun but serious.
They are, and have, so much.
These two are so loved and have so much to offer to each other and the world – I can’t wait to see where they go together.

Their wedding was, like them, contradictory and beautiful. It was so classy, yet, so warm. Everyone felt right at home.

Trish and Ryan opted for a first look. We met beforehand for them to have some time together. We have a few clients taking this route and I can’t recommend this enough. Often people make this choice as it allows them to have less time between the ceremony and reception, so they can spend more time with guests. Very true. However, what I have found to be the real advantage is that it is grounding. Seeing each other before, contrary to belief, is filled with romance.
He sees the bride for the first time and at his pace can take her beauty in, and then he can hug her, talk to her, love her. The bride and groom connect and then, feeling the togetherness they can head off to say I do.

After their first look, and bride walked down the aisle at The Filberg Park and Lodge and the ceremony was  followed by a reception at Ryan’s mom’s stunning property.

Local songstress Pamela Tessman (Keld)  played at the ceremony and reception and I can’t recommend her, and the addition of live music, enough.

Ryan and Trish, I could photograph your wedding over, and over and over again. Thank you.

To see their slide show large and with music click HERE