18Apr '10

Today is Sunday and


 – I have a post Camera Confidence Glow
 – I am getting a few hours alone this morning
– I am going to put together a bed in a child’s room and pretend I like putting IKEA furniture together
– I am going to be really hopeful it doesn’t rain as I have a top secret super stylish afternoon shoot
– I am going to drink a coffee savouring every sip
– I am going to wrap up the day by getting my exercise groove on
–  I am going to be very, very happy
– I am going to start my day with something I love – my clients.

Indroducing Cheryl.

I am so pleased Cheryl decided to have a Bella Session created. We met at a beautiful spot and played amongst the grasses, rocks and river. We laughed and chatted and were totally in the moment. I feel so pleased that she now has photos of her, yes they are a gift for her partner, but they really in my mind, are for her. Women should have photos celebrating themselves – they deserve it.
Thank you Cherly, It was pure joy and inspiration just being with you!