29Oct '10

Time for love list? But it’s not all about the love.

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It’s been to long since I posted a little love list – let’s dive right in.

The Love:

1. There’s a new blogger on the scene and I am crushing on her big time. Check out Sadie the Receptionist, she’s razor sharp and brimming with sass – she writes like she has nothing to loose. She mans the desk, and much more over at Roots the Salon and will give you the inside scoop to the shenanigans there.

2. While we are are on a blog role, if you haven’t checked out Island Girl Dairy Free Betty, you can join my fan club for her – love this gals recipes. This week is her first blogiversary, so it’s a good day to check her out and leave her some love.

3. Freewheeling. My life actually brings many responsibilities, yet I try to be as freewheeling as possible. Part of that is throwing some travel in. Next year, I have California (a family visit), Mexico (finally Maggie’s Make a Wish Trip,) Hawaii (a fabulous wedding… weeee) and now I am thinking of adding Kelowna, for a visit with a great friend a few days of shooting portraits.

4. Can there be a love list without a mention of the Love for Jenn movement. We are gearing up for the big auction tomorow night, and seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me with all the donations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So many kudos to go around on this one. Melanie, Trish, you two better be dressing up as superheros, and Crown Isle – you brought your giving A game to this one. Well done Comox Valley.

The Not so much Love list

4. Will it or won’t it rain? That’s the big question around here every November – obviously the weathers’ mood greatly impact my day, obviously. I wish it would just make up it’s mind in the morning and stay the course. At the same time, the quick weather change we get in the valley always wows me. If you see a black car pulled over on the side of the road it is probably me, oggling the light, trying to digest how stunning it can be.

I pulled over and grabbed this shot – it’s called “will it or won’t it”  Zero photoshop was used in it, that black cloud is au natural.


5. Three days of no sugar and wheat, and I have eaten many, many chips. Also, could someone please invent a wheat free beer. Please and thank you.