18Jul '18

Throwback Portraits

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We notice that people have family photos taken when their kids are young, and then it tapers off. As a mom of a teen, that kind of breaks my heart. My teen loves that we still have photos of her, she cherishes them actually. It is like she knows her time as a “child” is tapering off. When I photograph teens, they always surprise their parents with how much they engage, and then how much they talk about how “cool” it was, after the session.

This year, we have had numerous portrait sessions with clients who last stepped in front of our camera many years ago. It’s been so rewarding to have both family portrait clients and wedding clients come back to me to capture the love in their family and typically they tell us, “We don’t know why we waited so long.”

Perhaps their family dynamics changed, or as their kids got older, they stopped noticing the “cute” in them. I know for me, as a mom, time did seem more fleeting during my kids’ early elementary school years, the developmental differences that unfolded monthly, were striking and pulled on my heartstrings of wanting to stop time. Then, as our kids get older the changes slow down and life seems to get busier. Nighttime cuddles get replaced by strong-willed independence and begging for later nights. School dropoffs are less dramatic, as they stop clinging to you and quickly run off to be with their friends.

Our role as parents changes and it becomes harder to hold them close, then our job evolves to one of supporting them as they step away.

Even though they don’t need us to lie with them at bedtime every night they are still our everything, and we are theirs, they are still full of cuteness (have you seen my daughter adorable teen-age freckles ? <3) and they will still be evolving.

So don’t wait so long this time, come play with us in sweet light on the beach and celebrate your love for your family through photographs. Summer Beach Sessions are held at 7:30pm, and we’ll sweeten the deal by offering 15% off your print order when you book your image reveal within 3 weeks of your portrait session!

Call us at 250-890-9222 or email us at info@mckinnonphotography.com to get all set up!