20Jan '10

Three completely unrelated things I like

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There’s a lot of people I want to be when I grow-up and the writer of the Simple Mom is one of them – check her out, she has good things to say about living green, living love and family life – and does it all in a down to earth non-preachy way.

I was floored by how many people read the recent McKinnon Photography newsletter, and how the enquiries for the photo courses and Bella Sessions flooded in. Exciting! Thank you! 
I just booked Bella Sessions for a woman in her late 50’s, a mother of six, a woman whose husband is serving for the military overseas and someone surprising her fiancee on her wedding night –  each person brings with them their own story – so inspiring.

Bethany and Luke : Bright eyed. Adorable. Warm. Interesting. Outgoing. Engaging
I photographed Bethany as a babe and it was wonderful to have her back in the studio with her little brother. This was a very special session as I adore seeing the same children again.
I was drawn to these two classic photos. Simply beautiful.