17Apr '13

Thank you, Theresa, Jamie, Graham & Natalie


The results of the photo session is so important, of course. It is about having meaningful photographs – right?
The day after this session I sent the kids a note and silly photograph taken at then end of our session and this is what I received back:

“Thank you for sending us the message. Thank you for everything we did at the photo session. Thank you for the family picture. Thank you that the kid picture was so fun. We liked the funny faces. And we love you Karen.”

Now, I didn’t know Natalie and Graham before this session, so receiving a note like this, and knowing they  had a good time, meant so much to me. This note affirms my belief that: the value in having a professional portrait created is also in the experience.

Theresa, Jamie, Graham and Natalie met me for their portrait session and despite our chats, and being familiar with my work, I think they weren’t entirely sure how the session would feel, they were so relaxed and open to the experience and really just handed it over to me.

It was easy, and natural to capture the joy and love in their super fun family. Thank you so much Theresa, Jamie, Graham and Natalie for making my job so wonderful.

xoxo Karen