21Jun '11

My Romance

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The thing about me is I am a romantic. In a huge way. 

Now my definition of romance is not about grand gestures (Note to John: don’t let this deter you from acts of grandiose, this blog post is about romance in everyday life, and again, I repeat, should not deter you from proclaiming your love in extravagant ways.) 
Romantic is defined as evoking or given to thoughts and feelings of love. Using that definition, it is really easy to have a romantic day regularly. 
Today is romantic. 
It started at my favourite coffee shop Freakin’ Coffee, where you are always greeted warmly, for myself and many  – it is our Cheers. Here I had a creative meeting, for an upcoming can’t be talked about super fun project. It was all good. I left buzzing, possibly it was the java, but I think it was the romance of creative collaboration. 
Then, it was lunch at Tita’s. Owner Lisa now lives in Cambodia where she is building healing center for trafficked women, where they can grow and heal in a positive environment and begin to build a better life. Until Sunday the  restaurant is serving a $10  Cambodian style lunch and all proceeds from the lunch benefit the centre – even staff are donating their time. 
Lunch was delicious and I will be back again this week. If you have lunch out this week, please consider this great tasty cause. 
Next up we did the 5th St. stroll, which included a stop at the library, then our favourite second hand book – both trips proved fruitful.  We had credit at the bookstore, but didn’t have our credit – they used the trust method. Love it. 
We stopped in at another book store, for my daughter to spend four dollars on Pokemon Cards. I was a reluctant participant as they are $4 for 10 cards. Even though I didn’t express my opinion in the store, the shop owner offered to call me if they came in used and said he would like to give them to her. So kind. 
Then, off to location scout for some upcoming session.  This led us around the Headquarters area, and to the “Selah sign” I receive an email every few months telling me about this camp, which has the same name as my daughter – but my Selah, hadn’t been out there since she was little. She was thrilled! It got better – while there, the caretaker drove up and once he found out her name he invited us to come in and have a tour and visit.  Seriously, my daughter felt like a celebrity. There was romance in the air. 
Next off, when stopping in at a local barn to ask permission to photograph there, not only did the embrace the idea but offered a full tour of their dairy facility. Magic. 
Then to end the night we went to a very special birthday party. Gabe, now four years old, and I first met when I was photographing him during his stay at Children’s Hospital. Today some friends of mine are mourning the loss of a friend to cancer. They were in my hearts tonight as I celebrated a four year old that is beating it. 
That is, in a world that often doesn’t make sense, a bit of romance. 
I guess you thought I might write about something juicy, but really it is just a little romantic love letter to our town. Which includes many of you. Thank you for the romance.