26Jul '11

The Tancon’s – scratch and sniff?

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I’ll admit it, lately, I don’t always photograph in the nicest of places, well that is, the nicest smelling places. The last few weeks have found me in some stinky alleys, some old no longer used barns and surrounded by manure, well actually, in manure. 

So when presented with a beautiful morning and a stunning family, I thought we should head off to a gorgeous location, that all our senses would enjoy.  Off we went to be surrounded by lavender at the stunning Shamrock Farm. 
Once again, we beat the rain that has been (note past tense..yay!) plaguing us, and we could smell the lavender and enjoy the sounds of the animals. 
It took about five minutes before Tiffany and Alina were all warmed up and laughing and playing with me. We were able to capture some lovely moments and have a great time. 
Seriously, wish I could have played with these gals all day! Such a wonderful handsome family. 
As I had created photos of Tiffany when she was younger, we focussed much of the session on Alina. 

It only lasted a minute but check out the champion pout on the top image –