20Apr '11

The Penney Family

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Do you think it would be too off wall to bring back arranged marriages. Here’s the thing. We have four daughters, who of course we would like to one day be in loving relationships. If I was to pick a handful of fella’s for each of them to choose from that wouldn’t be throwing us to far back into the dark-ages would it? Technically they would have some type of choice.
When I meet families like the Penney’s, and their sweet little fella’s – it just all makes sense to me.
Megan and Chris are high school sweethearts – which seems to be a bit of theme around the blog this week. They both are from the island and after doing the obligatory big city jump, came back here years ago to start a family.
A big part of their family is their sweet dog, and they wanted to have a session with him while she was still with them.