5Jul '11

The last one – Courtenay High School Grad

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Gavin is one of three brothers that I have photographed for their high school grad – he’s the last one to graduate and I felt a little nostalgic while I was with him – not just because I have had the opportunity to watch him grow up, but because heading out to his families business every two years to meet the boys, is always a shoot I look forward to it. d
I don’t know how they did it but this family raised three, very different, exceptionally interesting and wise men all while running a fabulous growing business
Gavin is full of grace, he has this effortless charm and kindness. He manages to radiant confidence and a down to earth quality. Gavin, I enjoyed our session and immensely – I l left with a big smile. Thank you, and thanks to you fabulous friends! A huge congratulations to all three of you.