13Nov '11

The Laderoutes Understand Family

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This session was FUN!! Right from the get-go when I pulled up at their home there was a jovial, good humored mood. As we photographed, I realized that’s how this crew rolls. Tara and husband Andre, and kids Brody, Nolan and Cabe, I am seriously a huge fan of your family. Thank you, for as we photographed, sharing your family’s stories – you are full of inspiration, strength and lessons. 

I continue to feel that a huge blessing of my job is getting to hear people’s stories, and truthfully we all have a history full of challenges and celebrations. When I am photographing a family as warm as this, being able to soak up some of what they have to offer gives my life so much. 
Laderoute family, you embody what family is all about, you are truly magical and like I said, super fun!