8Nov '10

The girl with the red hair and big smile


I don’t know where I first met her, maybe in one of my Chicks who Click classes, or maybe when she was working as a server at one of my favourite restaurants, but I feel like it was before then that we connected.
She was the girl with the red hair and beautiful smile. You might know her, and you know what I mean  when I say she can make you melt with that warm smile.
Perhaps you haven’t met her, but if you are from these parts maybe you know her sister or mom – they all have it-  that incredibly likable aura about them. When you get the chance to hang with them you realize that their beauty shines very brightly and genuinely.

Danielle, Vanessa and their mom Michelle  joined me at a local park for some photos, and of course chit-chat – in a short time we covered travel,sisterhood and shoes.

This was a much anticipated shoot, that had been scheduled and rescheduled, so I think we all felt good that the stormy weather was (just) holding off. I know I was really looking forward to it, and the experience did not disappoint!