4Aug '11

The Fosters – Comox Valley Couples

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Cheryl and Barry are well known by many in the valley as the proprietors of Comox Valley Clothing and as being incredibly nice. When I mentioned to some people that I was photographing them, everyone said, awwww.. .they are so nice.
They recently retired (good for them, not for me and my wardrobe) and I look forward to seeing what their next adventure is.
After many years of marriage and children, these two decided to have a session all for themselves, and you know I love that.
John often reminds me that eventually our children will be grown and gone, and when I look at Cheryl and Barry and how connected they still are, I am inspired to remember, despite the children, the schedules, the budgeting, the household duties, that him and I must always remember to take time for each other.