12Jul '11

The failed knitter meets the Tricksy Knitter

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I am a creataholic – cooking, planning, photographing, I love to create. However, I fall short when it comes to anything textile. 

I was a good student in high school butI failed grade 8 sewing, well, Mrs. Richards gave me a C- because apparently it wasn’t cool to fail someone in a grade 8 elective, however, she made it perfectly clear that if I was to register for sewing 9 and have the same tragic results she wouldn’t be so generous. 
My step-mom decided to take on my cause and champion my untapped textile skills.  Over the course of three years I broke two of her sewing machines, had a half dozen fights with her about knitting and had at least a dozen failed knitting projects. 
I tried again a few years ago. I thought knitting would be the perfect hobby for an on the go gal like myself. I could watch a movie and still create. I failed. 
So, when I met Megan I was a little awestruck. Not only does she knit, she creates the darn pattens – I am in awe. She is receiving international attention, on the web and in magazines for what she does so well. You can visit her online at Tricksy Knitter
She is gorgeous, and there was so much within her to capture. Stunning, warm, natural and a little bit fierce.