24Aug '10

The Churchills in the field


I sat down at 9 a.m., ready to roll. Eeekkk..
The internet was down. I realized two things. One I am an internet adict. THe whole thought of my office being off-line threw my work game face off. Two, that once again, as per my previous post, I had to roll with it..

So my day did not include the mass amount of blogging that I had hoped for, but before the dinner bell sounds (who am I kidding? No magic dinner bell that signals a healthy meal being placed on the table is going to happen, but a girl can dream,) I had to share some of the fabulous Churchill family.

The little man Westin has been in front of the camera with me before, and once again he brought the cute, as his big sister. Well, actually, they are all really darn cute! Love this family – thank you for choosing me as your family photographer.