8Apr '10

You really should celebrate birthday WEEK

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I have so much to blog, photos, a love list, news, stories – I haven’t even blogged Mexico photos yet – oy vay!

Last week was birthday week and as per my pal and client Monica’s request I need to fill you all in on how you can have your own “birthday Week Goodness”

My pal Vanessa and I made the move from birthDAY to birthday WEEK about five years ago. It just seemed practical.

For example, say your hot water tank brakes on your birthday. Well, if you only have birthDAY you are hooped, even if you try to stay positive all day, who really can fake a smile when there is a pile of water in your living room and a $1000 unexpected expense. But if you have birthday week you can roll with it much easier.

How many of us have time to connect with all the people we adore? Well in comes birthday week, where you make an effort to organize breaky out, coffee and martini time with pals you haven’t seen in a while.

I make a resolution on my birthday, not on new year’s so I definitely need some coveted alone time to formulate it, something birthday week can provide.

A few tips to rockin’ your birthday WEEK.
The first move in birthday week is to pick up a book based purely on the cover – no standing among the shelves doing the should I or shouldn’t I – no over thinking – just grab that guilty pleasure, then hit the coffee shop and soak up some alone reading time. 
As a mom and the cook in the crew, I try to accommodate all the family’s food requests and dislikes – but not during birthday week. I am not mean about it or anything, I just make what I like and point anyone who isn’t on-board towards a grilled cheese sandwich.
A big icing on the birthday week celebration is the birthday box. Vanessa, who lives in Whitehorse and I send each other a box with seven gifts, one for each day, we have a price cap, but no other limits, it is a joy.
Now if you are a hubby or boyfriend reading this, don’t panic, We don’t put the pressure of birthday week on you. It is up to  the birthday girl to make her week marvellous. Although, being the one to make the coffee during this time is a good move, as is extra love and a few random gifts (call John, he can coach you.)

In all seriousness I had a wonderful birthday two weeks, actually. My sister made me a lovely dinner, I squeezed in a trip to Victoria with my sister, bought some much needed clothing, had  dinner with friends and family, and was the recipient of lots of love and  awesome gifts this year – from things I needed to frivolous goodies.

To top it off I had some really phenomenal photo sessions.

Such as this one with Ian and Justine,  whose wedding I have the privilege of photographing this summer.
Here is part one of their sneak peek, such gorgeousness you two!
More of Ian and Justine to come later.