8Dec '12

The Roots November Creative – Taylor Swift?

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One of my favorite parts of my job is when I have the opportunity to collaborate. Over the years I have developed some meaningful partnerships to do so. One of those is with the crew at Roots the Salon. I first started creating images for them three years ago, and since then I like to think I have become like “family.”

I really appreciate the extra effort they put in to take care of my clients, I love the friendly smiles I receive when I pop in the door to say hello, and I value how they are always there to support my endeavors, from getting behind another one of my causes to helping me spread the word about what is going on at McKinnon Photography.

One of the special things they do at Roots is give their stylists the opportunity for photoshoots. To have their work documented, but most importantly to play.

I have always enjoyed stylist, Jason Kirsch, not only is he a rockin’ stylist, but he is also a dance instructor and fabulous dad! What isn’t to love.  A few weeks ago is stunning cousin was in town, and we had the chance to create these images of her. In one series of the photos she looked similar to Taylor Swift, and even had my kids convinced that she was!

Make-up by: Kayla-Rea at Roots the Salon

 and.. hello Taylor Swift –


This was just a quick shot on the way back to the studio, love the light though –