10Mar '16

Most likely, I was a nightmare

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Creating a new website is a haul.


The first step – What do I want?  This can actually be a hard question to answer. However, it was pretty clear this time around for me. I wasn’t too bothered with trends, other than the importance of usability. I wanted people who came to my site to get a sense of the range of my photographic skill, so they would feel confident in hiring me. I wanted to give a sense of what matters to me, and I wanted the site to be easy to use, particularly on mobile sites, and I wanted it to be easy for me to use on the backend.

The second step –  Who should I hire? Honestly, I didn’t even look around. I just called up Medium Rare Interactive. They created my last site and I trusted them completely.  My plan, of course, was to meet with a few people, but after my first coffee with Tom and Yosuke I knew there was no point in going elsewhere. The reasons for my love are many. First off, they push back. If an idea I have isn’t wise, they care enough about the work to tell me. Secondly, they try. If my idea is ridiculous, but they see my excitement and the value of the vision, they will give it a go. Third, they are design wizards and understand web usage patterns. Fourth, the backend of my website is beautiful! Most of all though, is trust. Truth be told, I am not the easiest client to design a website for, most photographers are not. I am not grumpy, or rude, I just have high expectations and they blew me away by meeting those expectations. Creating a website isn’t always smooth sailing, and when we hit  “walls”, the way Medium Rare approached it gave me even more respect for them. Tom, Yosuke and Amanda, thank you so much for creating something we can all be proud of – this type of energy makes me better at my job as well.

Third step – Content! Choosing which images to include in both our new sites – both www.mckinnonphotography.com and www.womenbymckinnon.com was a huge feat. Seriously – you probably shouldn’t bring it up with Christine for a couple of months, unless she has a drink in her hand. But truly, when I look at the gallery now, I get this incredible feeling of pride – I am proud of my work. It is a nice place to be today, because there were moments in choosing images where my inner dialogue was not too kind to myself. This creative stuff, it’s a bit of a roller-coaster.

Most of all, when I look at the images, I can’t believe I get to know all the people on this website. Seriously – how amazing is that?!

You will notice a shift from just a boudoir site to one that has a greater range of photography of women, more about that in a future post. I am pretty excited about this. We have also added feature clients and a much more robust commercial photography gallery.

Fourth – Launch. Yes, we are putting it out there right now. There are still things to add to galleries, and glitches – but let’s just roll with it.

Fifth – fixes. So, if you see a link that doesn’t work, a photo that is there twice, a typo – post it below, or email us at info@mckinnonphotography.com or write it under this post on FB and you will be entered to win a basket of our favourite tea (and awesome client) – Hornby Island Tea!

Huge thank you again to Medium Rare Interactive – all of them – but especially Yosuke, I really appreciate you. Also to Christine, we rocked out back-end stuff that makes no sense to me, and pulled images for days weeks. You are a rock star!