11Oct '12

The McPhail Crew

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They make you smile, all for such different reasons – they are truly lovely.

Jamie with his quick wit and bold humor; baby Serena with her easy disposition, sweet cheeks  and beautiful skin; Ollie with his toddler curiousity and gorgeous charm; AJ, who I could take to lunch and talk inventions, ideas and jokes and Trish… Trish.. I have had the chance to photography you before and thus write a blog post about you, but I can never gush too much. You epitomize my version of grace. You manage to have an air of acceptance and love.. always.. even when you have three children needing you, one wanting to cuddle, one wanting to run and one needing your full attention for a conversation. You are beautiful in your ability to laugh at life, to see beauty everywhere, to balance being real with optimism and dreams.. … thank you for gracing my vision and sharing your family with me.