3Sep '18

The first of many milestones – Courtenay Family Photographer

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As summer comes to an end like most parents I am emotionally trying to make sense of time and how my child going into yet, another grade. My facebook “look back today” was me writing about how my daughter was starting Kindergarten. Are you kidding me? How does this happen?

I think Sherina and Ryan are asking themselves the same dizzying, unanswerable question about time this evening as their little boy Landon turns one year old tomorrow. This little bushel of joy has so much personality and I soaked up every bit of it, along with the loveliness of his parents and grandparents at a recent beach session. What a loved and fortunate little man!

It is hard, and yet so beautiful to watch our child grow up, and that first year can be so intense in that regard. I remember the deep desire to slow down time yet the excitement of watching their personality unfold.  The challenge of holding on tight, but also letting go bit by bit so that your child can become his or her own person.

Landon, happy first birthday! Sherina and Ryan, thank you for letting me capture all the love that swirls around your little boy and his absolute beauty.