8Apr '12

That was some Birthday week… but wait, I still have a plane to catch



What a beautiful week I have had. I love Birthday Week. For me it truly is a time of celebration and reflection. This is when I make my resolutions. Reflecting back on the one I set two years ago (it was a biggie – it needed to years,) I am contemplating what intention I will set for the next one. It is something I take very seriously, it is always a goal around personal growth. An area of myself I need to shift, or assumptions I make about my limitations or personal expectations that need some shaking up. I have appreciated all the birthday love so much, I am one very lucky blessed gal. It gives me great inspiration to continue being my “best me” – even when it is challenging or confusing.If this week was the warm up for my next year I am well on my way to 12 months of beauty, joy and strength.

I started the week with a creative shoot, then went on to enjoy  dinner with great friends, cake, lots of cake, sushi, beautiful notes from my kids that made me cry, a fabulous wedding and now… a trip to Costa Rica.

Today I fly off to meet one of my best friends Togan. In grade 5 I switched schools  from a somewhat fancy one to a school that could be categorized as “on the wrong side of the tracks.”  I walked into class wearing my curdury knickers, my collared shirt and my preppy sweater – the perfect first impression outfit….. unless you wanted to make friends. For some reason Togan took pity on me and offered me some kindness. We lived close to each other and our family life was comparable. Our parents were both a bit quirky, both foodies, and fairly modern. Most of our other friend families were very traditional and conservative. So it came to be that we spent much time at each others houses, I remember intense games of  “Jetsons.” Yes, the Jetsons. I was the tallest back then so I always had to be George. I didn’t mind so much, as I felt so safe, welcome and silly with Togan – we were kindred in our  immaturity. At a time when many of our peers were worried about lipgloss, Togan and I were still playing dress-up. Even though Togan moved away in high school to the US we have stayed close and we decided a few years ago that this year would be our year to share a big experience.

We had ten days, had saved the dollars, and then it came time to decide where to go. Can you imagine the options? First  it was Turkey, then a road trip down the coast, then we were 100% on Cuba – then Costa Rica popped up.

So we are heading off for a week of reading (I have seven books loaded on my KOBO and feel  insecure that it isn’t enough,) sleeping, eating, walking, a tiny-bit of exercise and I am sure lots of late night chatting over glasses of wine surrounded by the beauty of the Osa Coast.  This is my first holiday since becoming a mom that isn’t with the family or for work. I thought I would feel a bit more anxious about it, but really, I am just so excited to be in the presence of such a good friend for a whole week.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to email or call. Christine will be back in later week and will take great care of you.

Lots of celebratory love, Karen