9Sep '09

Tara + Daryl Vancouver Island Wedding


I love my job!

I could list the reasons, or you could just hop down to the photos of the beauty that is Tara + Daryl and you will know why.

But first, let me digress.

My blog serves many purposes. In my opinion, when
choosing a wedding photographer there are three many things to
consider. Obviously the first is that you love their work, in a tie for
second place are making sure the photographer is  professional and that
you like and will connect with them.  The blog forces me to show recent
work, not just my fave’s or an old image I am proud off, weekly you are
seeing what I produce , in all shooting conditions. The blog also
serves as a way to get to know me, which is especially important for
the clients from out of town who I don’t meet until their wedding day.

Since I have been blogging, I notice that my
connection with wedding clients is stronger, perhaps they are letting
their guard down more with me because I am sharing with them, or maybe
they are picking me because they know, after reading the blog, that we
will click. 

Whatever the case, it is working. Tara was a perfect example.

I knocked on her door and we were off – chatting, laughing and sharing,
and hopefully this put her at ease. I know that I felt like I could
easily sit down and talk life with her – and all this adds to the love
I have off photographic.


Now that I have gone on a tangent, let me take you back to the wedding. 

Driving up to Bear Mountain
(an amazing wedding location) the weather gave us quite a show, rain,
sun, rainbows, brutal rain, gorgeous clouds, gusts of wind – and it all
added up to the perfect day, the weather and stunning views at Bear
Mountain created a backdrop of drama for a day of complete beauty.

The bride and groom were stunning, and were surrounded by their closest
friends and family.  I love an intimate wedding. I know that each
person there  is incredibly important to the couple. I love that the
bride and groom are totally relaxed and I love the barrels of laughter
that seems to happen at a small wedding. 

A huge thank you to Dana at Bowes Photography and Brandy (Tara’s stunning bridesmaid) from Fresh Sugar Photography
for recommending me (if you want to see some lovely work, fill your
coffee cup, turn your screen so your boss can’t see, and settle in and
pass the afternoon on their sites.)

Tara and Daryl, thank you so much for having me as your photographer.  Your wedding was nothing short of perfect. 

NOTE TO VIEWER: These photos are in what is
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