2Aug '11

Tara and Gary Say I Do – Courtenay, BC

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It was as real as a wedding can be, it was’t about how the napkins were folded, or a strict itinerary, it wasn’t fussy – it was just warm. It was about friendship and partnership. Tara and Gary new exactly how their wedding would be.
When Gary, a dedicated bachelor, met Tara, he immediately knew she was the right one for him, and with a little romancing, she fell hard as well. Together they live a busy, but full life. It is obvious that they completely understand each other and work, and laugh hard together.
Their day was celebrated on their stunning property and friends and family arrived jovial and ready to celebrate. Kids played, couples danced and many were laughing and snuggling with their loved ones.
Thanks Tara and Gary for being so fabulous and welcoming to us as well.
A huge thank you to my assistant Andrea, for being such a key player on the day.
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