15Jun '11

Tammy + James – Tender Session

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They left their two little boys at home and came out to celebrate how it all started… with the two of them. 

When Tammy and James met 12 years ago while working in the same restaurant, she initially wrote him off, but once he wrangled a date with her, she was quickly won over. It’s easy to see why. You can be yourself, your whole self, with James. Although I have got to know Tammy through past sessions, James was new to me, but I felt right at home. 
We had booked their Tender Session for a friday evening,  one of my favourite times to shoot a couple. With Tammy and James I felt like a fortunate  third wheel on their date. James got us laughing and Tammy quickly joined it. We played, we sang to 80’s tunes, their was wine and there was beauty.
The beauty of a couple who bring out the joy in each other, who finish each other’s sentence, who encourage and push each other in the right direction and who meanwhile are raising two very fortunate boys. 
Tammy and James, thank you for the “date” night. You two are gorgeous!