21Sep '10

Sydney, Tamara and Justin- just not sure about photos

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Sometimes, people aren’t jazzed for their sessions. Honestly! Well what I should say is sometimes the kids in the family aren’t jazzed for their session.

Really, the situation is that they just don’t know what to expect.
Sydney, Tamara and Justin, I hope you don’t mind me sharing that this was your vibe.
You just weren’t sure about this photo thing.

But, you came, you piled out of the car and you were polite and kind.

and then.. Kaboom!!! I won you over. Admit it? It was fun wasn’t it. You were awesome and we laughed, mainly at how much Syndey giggles, but we also laughed because we were having a good time chit chatting and photographing.

So, I just have to say, after our session I went home with a little extra spring in my step, because not only were you a great group to photograph, and all very handsome, but because I had fun – and I know you did too. Thank you for that.

Here are two fave’s, I have a third fave, which I was going to post, but I like to tease.