15Sep '10

super awesome family, yup that’s my post title


How’s that for a blog title?
I love the word super, it’s kind of old-school and has an innocence to it and for some reason makes me think of cereal.
And awesome, well I try not to use it but I’m weak, and succumb.

Melanie and Jamie, are the role models for the super awesome family club.

In planning their session with Melanie, I knew they were my kind of people. Then, when I got there and saw her porch I had serious porch envy, I was green! I have been thinking of that porch and how nice it would be to sit there quietly reading my book (Melanie, I am sure with two small kids, this is also in your dreams.)
Then when dad came out and I saw it was Jamie of Architexture Web Design I was sure they ruled the club. When snooping his web site a while back I saw his profile photo has
him on a bananaphone, I knew without a doubt he was awesome.
But it got better. Really, mom and dad, you could have walked away and I might not have noticed, as your two daughters gave me goos-bumps with their true warmth.

We definitely have some images with the typical smiles, but these two for me they take the cake.


By the way Jamie, I have a photo of my with a canatloupe slice phone, it isn’t as awesome as yours, but at least I tried.